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This is an evening relaxing time in a slow moving dhow by latin sail while the sun retires. Dhows are wooden big boats using both sail and outboard. Dhows have been in use since the very old time before introduction of modern ships. Dhows are traditional crafts built from strong hard woods joined together used for fishing, ferry people and cargo since the Old trade days along the coast mainly Arabs sailing along the coast. Dhows are build in different designs,fishing shows, cargo dhows, passenger dhow and romantic Dhows all can be build by owners wish. We use dhows to take tourists to Kisite and Mpunguti marine parks and for romantic cruises within Shimoni - Wasini Channel. Sunset Dhow Cruise always available. We do pick clients from there hotels and ride them to Shimoni where the dhow trip start and end - just a call away !!

Diani To Wasini Sunset Dhow Cruise

Shimbahills to Wasini Sunset Dhow Cruise

Our Sunset Dhow Cruise start as from 16h30 till sundown under the Latin sail in a comfortable dhow with snacks and refreshments in board. Your sunset dhow cruise can be with dinner or just with refreshments as you wish it to be per your booking details and interest. We listen and do your plan.

Welcome and Book with us your romantic sunset dhow cruise at Wasini Island, Shimoni Village South Coast Diani Beach Holidays Tours.


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