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Mombasa City Tour: City Tour in Mombasa Kenya the second biggest city of Kenya. Tour Mombasa is the coastal City of Kenya. Explore Mombasa Kenya and know the local life, history and the nature of Mombasa Kenya since the colonial error. Mombasa Walking guided tour in Mombasa Kenya. It's a half day tour city tour in Mombasa with a professional guide showing you the must go sites while in Mombasa Coast Kenya. It's a visit to the old Fort Jesus if the Portuguese, Mombasa Old Town to the Mombasa old dhow harbour. Sailing Dhows were the means of transport to ferry cargo and passengers Mombasa to Asia and vise versa. Stop at a restaurant and have a delicious Swahili food. A gentle walk through the narrow streets of Old Town to the Old central Market. A place to see and buy varieties from Spices, Textiles, Clothing, Crafts and what you would like to buy. In a slow pace walk to the Mombasa Tusks and the Indian Temple. Mombasa city Tour proceeds to Mama Mwanasiti Ngina waterfront where everybody go to have a relaxing moment by the ocean, enjoy the ferry vessels going back and forth ferrying passengers and vehicles at Likoni Channel, Big cargo vessels going through to dock at Kilindini Sea Port , the biggest modern sea port in East Africa. Enjoy fried and roasted cassava, Chipped cassava and potatoes, fresh coconut juice which is naturally good in body healthy and urinary system. After a time enjoying the breeze, It's no else but a safe careful ride back to your hotel for other personal plans. Mombasa City Tour can be extended to Haller Park Nature Trail Tour where it was a destroyed and now in reclamation where it is used to refuge some animals and make it useful again.


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